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April 2005, Meeting at John & Mary's home in Harlingen


 Tree line near the house

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This month our Valley Chairperson Mary Barkkari and palm loving husband John opened up their home and garden to our society members. Nearly everyone had arrived by noon and members strolled around the grounds looking at all of the new palms that John and Mary have planted. Although John and Mary have lived here some time, the garden is rather new. The existing yard only had a couple of palms in it and slowly, John and Mary are converting the yard to their own little palm paradise.

 a view of the garden from the front of the house

 a view of the garden from the back with the newly planted sabal

 Newly planted phoenix dactylifera

After members had sufficient time to take in the garden we all sat down for a wonderful meal. As usual our hosts went above and beyond what was needed and there was plenty of food to be had by all. As folks relaxed after the meal, we had a short society meeting introducing new members as well as visitors. We also covered our recent trip to the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens and the out come of that.

 members gather to get some food

  John Dillard enjoys his lunch


We ended the meeting by holding an auction with the plants that members had brought. Once again we had a very nice selection of palms to auction away. The auction went well and many members left with great buys. We wrapped up the meeting by giving away the 'freebies' (palms, seeds and other plants) that were brought to be given away to those that wanted them. All in all it was another fantastic meeting in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley. We thank John and Mary for hosting and opening up their home to us. Look forward to seeing you all next month in Brownsville. Enjoy the rest of the pictures from this meeting...

Wes Popjoy and Blake Volk relax after lunch

 John Dillard works with new members

 John and Mary's new row of washingtonia palms near the street

 a quiant side garden

 a new view of the house from the right side

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.

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