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April 2004, Meeting in Harlingen

Welcome to Glyn's garden

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Glyn's fabulous new garden....

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A huge Pony Tail plant....

Per our monthly norm, members of the Palm Society of South Texas met up at our host's home and garden around 12 noon. All of the members were highly anticipating this meeting for it was to take place at Glyn Whiddon's new garden at his lovely home in Harlingen. As members arrived, others enjoyed the new gardens and socialized with one another. Members gawked at the newly planted gardens that Glyn had installed. The gardens certainly had a botanical garden atmosphere with lush plantings of palms, hibiscus, gingers and flowering plants of every type. As always, Glyn went out of his way for the society and its members and had a fabulous meal as well as an open bar. After the meal Glyn hosted a "Chinese Auction" the first on its kind here in PSST and it went over well with the members. Many members won and then lost prizes as the rules allowed for. It became a fun time for all and certainly should be something we do again in the near future. Below you will find pictures of the gardens that were taken by Ed Ladd and Lloyd "Van" Epps. Do enjoy.

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Garden pics...

a garden (14132 bytes)

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another garden view(14132 bytes)

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More garden pics...

a ginger garden (14132 bytes)

bismarkia palm (14132 bytes)

Bill taking his winnings(14132 bytes)

Glyn working the auction (14132 bytes)

And yet more garden pics...

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royal palms (14132 bytes)

Meeting summary by John Volk. Photos by John Volk unless otherwise stated.


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