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April 2003, Meeting in Corpus Christi

The Watson's

bismarckia.jpg.jpg (14132 bytes)

A Bismarckia beauty.

At 12 noon, PSST members gathered at Jon and Suzie Watson's beautiful home on Mustang Island. All of the members took delight in visiting this newly established garden in one of the warmest spots in the Corpus Christi bay area. All of the palms, to include the Bismarckia and Phoenix Roebelenii's should do very well in such a nice micro climate.

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The Watson's front and side yards

After visiting each of the gardens around the house the gang all settled in for some home made 'champion chili' and numerous side dishes. The chili was such a great hit that Jon had to continue to supply us with additional portions. As always, there were plenty of desserts to chose from to top off a delightful meal.

Jon and Suzie kicking back.

After lunch, we all gathered around to officially meet some of our first time visitors and have a quick society meeting. At the meeting we discussed that fact that we needed suggestions on where we could apply some of our financial resources. We also discussed the possibility of a 2004 calendar, covering south Texas and/or members gardens. Most seem in favor of such an idea. After the meeting was adjourned, most of the members hung around to visit some more and enjoy another beautiful south Texas day. We look forward to coming back to the Watson's in a couple of years to see how well the palms have progressed.

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At the Watson's on Mustang Island

Meeting summary and photos by John Volk.


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